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☆ Paris.. ahhh, Parisss ☆


As this blog is still a start, nothing more fair than start for Paris.. The beginning of All.. Already spent more than two years.. but Paris will always be the new!

If the 1st impression is that stay.. all rule really have a  exception..because Paris was not that wonderful view that I thought.. but at the same time all the expectations were much more positive than negative..

Despite having “studied” a lot about Paris and France before coming.. had bought many magazines and guides.. I parachute drops from here.. of all places imaginable, Paris, NEVER!! is very romantic.. the food is bad.. (rs) the wines are dry.. the language is melodramatic.. is this.. is that.. but for my luck, I was totally wrong.. I found here a lovely place.. full of magic.. mysteries.. stories.. loves.. dramas..

Paris is romantic.. Yes! spring, summer, autumn and winter.. in such a way that when you see, you are fully involved and no account was.. the language, food and wine will be a new chapter.. which has a lot to say about..

Returning to my 1st day in Paris, Gare Montparnasse was my started.. so I thought: “ok, and there?! where I’m going? how I’m going? “.. By subway without chances.. stop looking at the map, and all those lines.. super colorful.. crossing.. was too much for my head.. and I didn’t know how buy the ticket.. ok, ok, can laugh.. I’m well within it .. I just knew speaking Bonjour, Oui, Merci! and speak English?! No no! everybody say that French people hate that speak English with them.. Ok, so let’s go WALKING.. November.. cold.. but one day of sunshine.. and the adrenaline of being the 1st time in Paris was the best thing ever.. a week before I was in Brazil, making plans and now I were there.. and really, be is very different.. indescribable..

I had studied maps of “the cable to the tail!” knew that the side had to go.. then I was confident and really happy.. and assure that it was the best thing I did.. had gone by metro and would not have seen half the things I saw.. and it was so contagious that I care.. if not met then the tower.. there.. was still far away.. so I realize that I was really here.. and it wasn’t a crazy dream..


Behold the all powerful in Paris and France.. the not so beautiful (to my point of view!) but intriguing.. Tour Eiffel..


After my adventure for 2h up the tower up.. this is logical, because I was lost.. and never thought the exit! (ok, can laugh again) but it was great, because while searching, more and more admired the view with a look of admiration of beauty.. of Uauu!



Next stop.. Triomphe Arc.. by the subway? no!! let’s walk.. It was a quiet walk.. after the other.. after some minutes (I refuse to remember) get the final destination..

I’m totally enchanted by monuments that have a great story behind.. and the Arc is without doubt one of the largest in the history of France.. another day I’ll tell all..

I know that my 1st day in Paris was full of joy.. adventures.. and big stories.. and a big walk, because I came back by foot too..

Which in the beginning was a ridiculous afraid to take a Metro, now is one of my great pleasures in Paris.. walking aimlessly.. and enjoy every moment.. it really is Magic!

I have many stuff to talk about Paris.. but this is just the beginning..

Bye =)

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