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☆ City of Lights ☆


Paris is a majestic city, a city of culture, romance, gastronomy, design and fashion. It is also a city on the move, a city of daring. With the opening of new museums, world-class sporting events, festive and popular urban happenings like ‘Nuit Blanche’ and ‘Paris-Plages’, Paris is a capital that never sleeps.

Whether you are a newcomer or already familiar with the Paris scene, there is a vast choice awaiting you: over 1,800 classified monuments, 157 museums, 145 theatres and 380 cinemas. Some of the cultural sites of the capital are absolute ‘musts’ and among the most visited monuments in the world. Several of them have Unesco world heritage status.

Paris, however, is not just a historical city. Its Seine riverbanks and neighbourhoods, some of which retain a village atmosphere, are an invitation to stroll and sightsee. By day or by night, from Belleville to the Marais, from the Butte-aux-Cailles to Montmartre, soak up the special ambience of these quartiers to grasp the true ‘spirit’ of the city and let yourself
be carried away by its energy and vitality.

I invite you to explore the capital as you please. Discover the history of France, check out the latest trends, enjoy the parks and gardens or go on a shopping spree… Just like the Parisians. And above all, take your time. Paris, the eternal City of Lights, original, modern and creative is all yours.

Whether you are already ‘in love’ with our city or here for the first time, please make yourself at home.

by Bertrand Delanoë,
Mayor of Paris

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  1. 06/09/2009 21:35

    Tnx for nice blog. It’s really interesting, I’m continue to read your blog and waitning for your next posts =).

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