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☆ River Seine ☆ Paris ☆


Following the Seine through Paris is a way of enjoying a thousand different escapades on the river, its bridges and islands.. Daytime or night time, Left Bank or Right Bank, you will appreciate the buzz of activity along the quaysides and the lapping of the waves.. There are any number of ways to relax – aboard a boat, cycling, walking briskly, sauntering lazily, or working out, dining, dancing on barges, exploring an area between two exhibitions, taking a post-shopping break, or sunbathing in a swimsuit.. You never fail to be filled with wonder at these riverbanks, classed as a world heritage site by Unesco..

Through the arch of a bridge you’ll catch sight of the Grand and Petit Palais, people fishing, mallard ducks circling in the water, the Louvre playing hide and seek with a pleasure boat, Notre-Dame looming up to the sound of a street musician as he plays his violin and, in the distance, the silhouette of a crane in a naval construction yard between weeping willow trees..

Paris owes its motto to the Seine,  –“it is buffeted by the waves but does not sink”.. The Seine tells the story of Paris, from its birthplace on the Île de la Cité to the transformation of the quays at Bercy upstream and the triumphant Eiffel Tower downstream..

Paris Map

☆ River Seine ☆


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  1. Leni permalink
    26/09/2012 0:59

    Rio Sena, um extenso rio que encanta Paris; as águas tranquilas forma ares românticos…

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