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☆ Museum Picasso ☆



Completed in 1659, the mansion which houses the museum has retained the cheeky nickname “Salé” (salty) in memory of the ostentatious tastes of its first owner who made a fortune by taxing salt..


Behind its monumental façade, one can admire a collection of works by Picasso that is unique both in the volume and diversity of its collections: 203 paintings, 158 sculptures, 29 relief paintings, 88 ceramics, 16 collages, over 3,000 engravings and drawings, sketchbooks..






Hôtel Salé.
5, rue de Thorigny (3rd).
M° Saint-Paul.
Tel: 01 42 71 25 21.
From 1 Apr-30 Sep: 9.30am-6pm.
From 1 Oct-31 Mar: 9.30am-
5.30pm. Tue: closed.
€9.50 – RR: €7.50.
Under 18s and 1st Sun of the month: free.

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