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☆ Tour Saint-Jacques ☆


☆ Tour Saint-Jacques ☆
What a history!!

This curious Gothic belfry is the only remaining vestige of the church of Saint-Jacques-dela-Boucherie, a meeting point for pilgrims journeying to Santiago de Compostela in Spain in the Middle Ages..

☆ Tour Saint-Jacques ☆

In the 17th century, Pascal experimented here with gravity..

The tower escaped demolition in 1797 and was converted into a meteorological station in 1891, where air quality is measured..

As for quality of life, visit the garden in which it stands..

☆ Tour Saint-Jacques ☆

After so many years, the tower deserved a restoration and is soon set to emerge flamboyantly from the cocoon of white fabric surrounding it..

☆ Tour Saint-Jacques ☆
Square de la tour Saint-Jacques (1st).
M° Hôtel-de-Ville.

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  1. 18/03/2009 18:20

    can’t wait to go back to Paris!

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