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☆ Église de la Madeleine ☆


☆ Église de la Madeleine ☆

The construction of the Madeleine church was fraught with drama..

Scarcely had work begun in 1764, than it was destroyed..

Building began again in 1777, only to be interrupted by the French Revolution, before being restarted under Napoléon, who altered the plans to make the building a pantheon to the glory of his armies..

The building was designated a place of worship again and the church was completed in 1842..

☆ Église de la Madeleine ☆

☆ Église de la Madeleine ☆

☆ Église de la Madeleine ☆

With no bell tower or cross on the outside, it’s more like a Greek temple, with two monumental doors and a forest of Corinthian columns..

☆ Église de la Madeleine ☆

From the top of the steps is a view worthy of Olympia: firstly the rue Royale, with its luxury goods and prestigious addresses, then the Obelisk at Concorde and beyond, looking in the same direction, yet another temple, the Palais Bourbon..

☆ Église de la Madeleine ☆

Place de la Madeleine (8th).
M° Madeleine.
Tel: 01 44 51 69 00.
Daily: 10am-12-noon and 2pm-6pm.
Closed Sat.
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  1. 19/03/2009 17:46

    This is one of the greatest historical churches in the world. Great architectural design and nice concept. Thanks for sharing this information!

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