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☆ Palais-Royal ☆


☆ Palais-Royal ☆

Richelieu started the saga by building his residence here; Louis XIV inherited it and gave it to his brother..Philippe d’Orléans and his son extended it..

☆ Palais-Royal ☆

In 1780, the indebted Philippe Égalité opened up the area around the gardens to commerce: sixty buildings supported by arcades were built to house the stores..

☆ Palais-Royal ☆

Prostitution, gambling and scandal took hold of the palace.. And as the police were not authorised to operate there, it became a bastion for revolutionary unrest until 1793..

☆ Palais-Royal ☆

The peaceful Palais-Royal now houses the Ministry of Culture and several institutions, some very chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants and a garden planted with four rows of lime trees..

☆ Palais-Royal ☆

Although the striped Buren columns almost reignited the revolution here in 1986..

☆ Palais-Royal ☆

☆ Palais-Royal ☆

Place du Palais-Royal (1st).
M° Palais-Royal – Musée-du-Louvre.
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