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☆ Covered Arcades ☆



At the beginning of the 19th century, Haussmann redesigned Paris..

Built for the crowds thronging the café terraces and theatres along the boulevards, covered shopping arcades were a huge success with their boutiques of Chinese ornaments, curiosities and gifts, along with tea, chocolate and coffee houses..

☆ Covered Arcades ☆

They were the meeting places for the elegantly dressed, a haven from wet weather..

Then came the department stores.. With the magic of electricity and pavements the passageways became less fashionable, and some were demolished..

Indulge yourself!!

These “human aquariums”, as the French writer Aragon described them, still offer an original shopping experience complete with wonderful wood panelling: discover the muffled charm and exciting creations of Passage Vivienne or Passage du Grand-Cerf, or the fascinating trinkets in Passage Choiseul; marble, art and knowledge await you in the Galeries Véro-Dodat and Colbert, while the prints, sepia photos and antique toys in passages Verdeau and Jouffroy contrast with the kitsch bazaar in the passage des Panoramas..

img_18421☆ Passage Vivienne ☆

☆ Covered Arcades ☆☆ Passage du Grand-Cerf ☆

☆ Covered Arcades ☆☆ Galeries Véro-Dodat

☆ Covered Arcades ☆☆ Galeries Colbert

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