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☆ Village Paris ☆


☆ Village Paris ☆

Following in the footsteps of a horde of street entertainers, climb the picturesque “Butte” (little hill), crowned by the Sacré-Coeur – the second most-visited site in Paris..

A leisurely stroll will enable you to enjoy the pleasures of this wonderful Parisian ‘village’..

☆ Village Paris ☆

And going from one ‘village’ to another you can venture as far as the popular Batignolles area, a hidden gem, before wandering through the Saint-Georges theatre district and the little place Gustave-Toudouze..

Surrounded by bell towers, the day begins at the counter of a café with a café crème and crusty buttered baguette..

One can browse idly, filling one’s shopping basket full of delicious treats in rue Lepic, rue des Martyrs, rue Caulaincourt… and also with fabrics in rue d’Orsel and the Saint-Pierre market, and why not guitars in rue de Douai and rue Victor-Massé..

☆ Village Paris ☆

One can lunch at a bistro offering simple, hot dishes or a crunchy salad..

And given that the village is a bit of a ‘fashion victim’, there are designer boutiques and galleries to check out amid the charcuteries and dairy shops..

In the evening, you can dress up, stay casual, dance the java, enjoy the nouba or a fiesta, or just go to the movies..

☆ Village Paris ☆

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    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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