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☆ Butte Montmartre ☆


☆ Butte Montmartre ☆

Venice has its gondolas, Montmartre its steps – physically demanding but Romanesque in the extreme..

Countless novels, legends and “fabulous destinies” are set in the Butte, such as the Bateau-Lavoir in place Émile-Goudeau, where Picasso painted the Demoiselles d’Avignon, and the café made famous by Amélie Poulain in rue Lepic..

☆ Butte Montmartre ☆

The grocery from the film is higher up on rue des Trois-Frères.. And there’s even more climbing to do – but Montmartre’s well worth it!!

Walk up rue Tholozé, for example, for a film or a drink in the winter garden of a tiny cinema patronised by Buñuel and Cocteau..

Pause at the top of the street under the last remaining windmills, before continuing on up..

☆ Butte Montmartre ☆

Keep going!! At the top is Sacré-Coeur, surrounded by a labyrinth of extraordinary little streets, and a vineyard, where the grape harvest is celebrated each year..

There is also the flattering bust of Dalida in the square of the same name, breathtaking views over the rooftops of Paris, amazing crowds and hundreds of tranquil spots..

From the square de la Turlure or the rue de la Chevalier-de-la- Barre, the Sacré-Coeur is just as wonderful from the side, the back or the front!!

☆ Butte Montmartre ☆

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