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☆ A City that has a Lot of Stories to Tell ☆


☆ A City that has a Lot of Stories to Tell ☆

“” This art city and tourist centre has earned its fame in Europe through its impressive architectural and cultural heritage.. In 2000, the historic city centre of Bruges was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The UNESCO-roundabout, inaugurated in 2006, is a constant reminder of this prestigious recognition. If you walk through Bruges with its medieval street pattern, meandering canals and green ramparts, you will soon understand why the city has received this exceptional honour and why it attracts huge numbers of visitors every year. With comfortable hotels in historic buildings, an esteemed kitchen and a broad variety of recreational facilities, this cosy yet cosmopolitan city has all it takes to live up to its reputation as a top destination for congresses and city breaks. Bruges is a city in constant evolution, a city with ambition, a city that does not shy away from new challenges. Bruges is keen to ensure its cultural future, investing heavily in major restoration works, contemporary architecture and cultural infrastructure. Both in the fields of architecture and music, Bruges’ concert hall Concertgebouw has an undisputed international reputation. Moreover, various other cultural institutions also organise numerous events in the fields of dance, theatre, music, visual arts etc. Bruges is also the ideal setting for sports lovers: the green ramparts are the ideal surroundings for jogging and the Sint-Pietersplas, the canal Bruges-Ostend and the Baldwin Canal are perfect for water sports. At “In&Uit Brugge”, the one-stop information point for tourism and recreational and cultural activities, conveniently situated on the ground floor of the Concertgebouw, you will obtain all the information you need to discover the stories Bruges has to tell. Each story will allow you to explore the city from a different point of view, at your own pace and in function of your own interests, e.g. the museums, music, gastronomy, or a walk on the green ramparts. In order to reduce traffic in the city centre and to promote the use of the bicycle, a mobility plan was introduced. However, this does not mean that the city centre is no longer easily accessible. If you decide to come to Bruges by car, we advise you to park in one of the (charged) underground car parks or in one of the (free) peripheral car parks that are well served by public transport. On behalf of the City Council and of the population of Bruges, I wish you a very pleasant stay in our city, that – although it reads like a historical novel – will surprise you upon each reading.””

Patrick Moenaert
Burgomaster of Bruges
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