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☆ Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations ☆


I love to read.. and since I arrived in France, I bought a lot books, guides, all about tourism and travel.. + that ones that came from Brazil with me..

And yesterday I change a little the things here.. since I started to write, was all about Paris.. I Love Paris.. have a lot things to write.. my best place – Louvre.. the Eiffel Tour.. Triumph Arc.. (…) but I’m not were more so happy just saying about Paris.. and this was the best thing that I did.. I travel a lot here in Europe.. I have a lot things to write.. tell..

This morning, I remember a book that I bought in 2007.. ☆ Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations ☆.. in the time all the places was just a dream.. but now, I went in some of them.. and I fell really great for had traveled here.. I still have a lot places to go.. and I’ll go..

So in the next posts I’ll put here some places that I went.. the text will be the book.. the photos will be mine..

☆ Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations ☆

“”Whether conscious or not, the human spirit tends to follow the same paths long venerated by our ancestors. Travel is food for the soul, especially when those trips help us grow. Journeys to sacred places open our minds to the world around us, our collective history, the cosmos above, and to each other. The openness to regenerate oneself at a sacred site can be the first step. When we arrive at a spiritual destination, we find ourselves closer to our own individual reality, not only in time, but in space. Something magical happens that triggers an unconscious memory. To learn about sacred places is to learn about ourselves.

Sacred places help us to understand our own existence and the universe around us.

Ancient wisdom combined with recent scientific discoveries help transform the way we attune ourselves at sacred places. By understanding our relationship with the cosmos we can comprehend the eternal rhythms of nature and the very order of existence. The old maxim “as above, so below” might also mean “once ancient, now modern.” For example, consider how modern crop circles have profound similarities with ancient stone circles. Both emit high frequencies of ultrasound that include healing properties to all living things. Hundreds of people have reported spontaneous healings at newly created crop circles. Such is the case at ancient stone circles, standing stones, and earthen rings. The universe appears vastly complicated, yet also very simple. Scientists tell us there are at least 13 dimensions surrounding us, but in our limited capacity we can only perceive three. Just because something is invisible to the naked eye doesn’t mean the space is void.””

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data:
Olsen, Bradford C.
Sacred Places Europe: 108 Destinations / Brad Olsen
ISBN 10: 1-888729-12-0 (Pbk.)
ISBN 13: 978-1-888729-12-2
1. Spirituality — Guidebooks. 2. Travel — Guidebooks. I. Title
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 2005904373
Printed in the United States of America.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Front Cover Photos: Unknown Statue, Madrid, Spain; Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City; Valley of the Temples, Sicily, Italy; Le Ménec alignments, Carnac, France. Back
Cover Photo: Viking runestone from Forhistorisk Museum Moesgård, Århus, Denmark.
All images © 2007, Brad Olsen.
Copyright © 2007 by Brad Olsen
Published by the Consortium of Collective Consciousness ™

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  1. 23/04/2009 5:39

    It will be interesting to see how many you have managed to visit.

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