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☆ Along the Water ☆


Don’t miss the River Seine!!

☆ Along the Water ☆

There are lovely long walks along its banks.. But even better is a boat trip on the water..

For navigating the Seine and the picturesque canals in the north-east of Paris, you have a choice of vessels: barges, panoramic boats, paddle boats, shuttle boats, small yachts and more. You also have a wide choice of tours: trips with commentaries translated into numerous languages to ensure you learn everything about the history of the French capital, lunch cruises or even a candlelight dinner cruise..

And for those who are not keen ‘sailors’, there are some thirty or so boats and barges transformed into cafés, restaurants, discos and entertainment venues.. These floating establishments welcome the public aboard for exhibitions, theatre plays, concerts.. and are a complete change of scene!!

☆ Photo ☆

☆ Photo ☆

☆ Photo ☆

Lunch and dinner cruises, trips with commentary

☆ Bateaux Mouches ☆
Pont de l’Alma. Right bank.
Port de la Conférence (8th).
M° Alma-Marceau.
Tel: 01 42 25 96 10.
Cruises with commentary, lunch and dinner cruises..

☆ Bateaux Mouches ☆

☆ Bateaux Parisiens/Seino Vision ☆
Below the Eiffel Tower.
Port de la Bourdonnais (7th).
M° Trocadéro, Bir-Hakeim.
Tel: 0 825 01 01 01 (€0.15/min).
Cruises with commentary, lunch and dinner cruises..

☆ Bateaux Parisiens ☆

☆ Canauxrama ☆
Bassin de la Villette.
13, quai de la Loire (19th).
M° Bastille.
Tel: 01 42 39 15 00.
Cruises with commentary on the canal Saint-Martin and the Marne..

☆ Canauxrama ☆

☆ Capitaine Fracasse/Le Grand Bleu ☆
Île aux cygnes.
Pont Bir-Hakeim (15th).
M° Bir-Hakeim.
Tel: 01 46 21 48 15.

☆ Capitaine Fracasse ☆

☆ La Marina de Paris ☆
Below the Musée d’Orsay (7th).
Port de Solférino.
RER Musée-d’Orsay.
Tel: 01 43 43 40 30.
Lunch and dinner cruises..

☆ Paris Canal ☆
Bassin de la Villette.
19-21, quai de la Loire (19th).
Tel: 01 42 40 96 97.
Cruises with commentary on the canal Saint-Martin and the Marne..

☆Vedettes de Paris ☆
Port de Suffren (7th).
M° Bir-Hakeim.
Tel: 01 44 18 19 50.
One-hour cruises with commentary, dinner cruises and private cruises..

☆ Les Vedettes du Pont-Neuf ☆
Square du Vert-Galant (1st).
M° Pont-Neuf.
Tel: 01 46 33 98 38.
One-hour cruises with commentary..

☆ Les Vedettes du Pont-Neuf ☆

☆ Yachts de Paris ☆
Port Henri-IV.
Quai Henri-IV (4th).
M° Sully-Morland.
Tel: 01 44 54 14 70.
Two hours on the Seine for an unforgettable dinner cruise..

Dinner-cruises with show

☆ Paris Cancan ☆
Bateau Alizé.
Port de la Râpée (12th).
M° Bercy, Gare-de-Lyon.
Tel: 01 45 85 07 43.

First dinner cruise with show on Paris and the French cancan..

Shuttle boats

☆ Batobus ☆
Port de la Bourdonnais (7th).
M° Bir-Hakeim.
RER Champ-de-Mars – Tour-Eiffel.
Tel: 01 44 11 33 99.
Paris and its historic centre with 8 stops for easy access to the main monuments and sites.
Service operates every 15 to 30 minutes..

– Tour Eiffel (port de la Bourdonnais)
– Musée d’Orsay (quai de Solférino)
– Saint-Germain-des-Prés (quai Malaquais)
– Notre-Dame (quai de Montebello)
– Jardin des Plantes (near to Pont d’Austerlitz)
– Hôtel de Ville (near to Pont d’Arcole)
– Louvre (between Pont Royal and Pont du Carrousel)
– Champs-Élysées (near to Pont Alexandre-III)
1-day ticket: €12; – 16s: €6.
2-day ticket: €14; – 16s: €7.

Shuttle boats for groups

☆ NaviCité ☆
Péniche Saint-Raphaël.
Port de Solférino (7th).
M° Solférino.
Tel: 01 53 59 60 00.
As coaches are no longer authorised to park on the Île de la Cité, NaviCité offers a river shuttle boat service – all-yearround for groups of a minimum of 8 persons, on reservation only – to go to Notre-Dame via the Seine.. Two circuits may be combined to drop passengers at Notre-Dame, leaving from the Eiffel Tower or Bercy, with the possibility of a stop at the Louvre..

☆ Paris Étapes ☆
Port de Suffren (7th).
M° Bir-Hakeim.
RER Champ-de-Mars – Tour-Eiffel.
Tel: 01 44 18 19 54.
The Paris-Étapes river shuttle boats offer cruises with commentary from the Eiffel Tower, with the possibility of stops at Notre-Dame and the Louvre.. This service is only for tourism professionals and organizers of outings in Paris for groups of 10 or more persons.. Access to the coach parking area is free for up to 2hrs30..


☆ Port autonome de Paris ☆
2, quai de Grenelle (15th).
M° Bir-Hakeim.
Tel: 01 40 58 29 99.
With almost seven million passengers in 2005, the Port of Paris is, in tourist terms, the biggest inland port in the world..

Organiser of shows

☆ Showcase ☆
Pont Alexandre-III.
Port des Champs-Élysées.
Right bank (8th).
New musical scene for young artists, notably French and international musicians, from Friday to Sunday, with live concerts and one-man show..

Martinha =)

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  1. turomaquia permalink
    03/05/2009 13:09

    UAU, super compelto este post, já está anotado!

  2. ☆☆ Martinha ☆☆ permalink
    03/05/2009 17:19

    Obrigada pelo “super completo”, Patricia..
    Mas sempre acabo esquecendo algo..

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