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☆☆☆ PRAGUE ☆☆☆


☆☆☆ PRAGUE ☆☆☆

Its location in the natural environment and its continuous architectural development, which spans over one thousand years, make Prague, a town nestling on several hillocks on both banks of the River Vltava, one of the most magnificent cities in Europe..

For centuries Prague has been an important trade junction, as well as a place where scientists and artists from all corners of the world have met..

All epochs have left an indelible imprint on the streets of Prague, turning the town’s historical centre into a varied gallery of architectural styles, ranging from Gothic to the present..

The heart of the city, the Old Town of Prague, boasts a maze of twisting little alleys full of restaurants, cafés and shops..

Built more than six hundred years ago, the stone Charles Bridge, with both sides adorned by a gallery of Baroque statues of saints, provides access to the romantic Lesser Quarter on the opposite side of thriver; from there it is just a stone’s throw to Prague Castle, the dominant feature of the city..

Although the citizens of Prague are very proud of the history of their city, it does not live merely on its history; it is a lively European metropolis with all that goes with it..

The city boasts numerous theatres, art galleries, concert halls and music clubs and its choice of shops and restaurants is second to none..

☆☆☆ PRAGUE ☆☆☆

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  1. 06/03/2011 13:42

    such an amazing fairtale city. Just got back. I’ll be uploading some images to my blog in the next couple of days!

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