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☆ Eurail Passes ☆ Class consciousness ☆

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☆ Eurail Passes ☆ Class consciousness ☆

If you’re considering a Eurail Global or Selectpass

If you’re age 26 or older, you must buy a first class railpass.. Those under age 26 have the choice of buying either a second or a first class pass.. For families traveling together, a first-class Saverpass for two costs the same as one first-class adult and one second-class youth, and keeps you together in first class..

If you’re considering a regional pass

Most single-country and regional passes are available in second class versions for travelers of any age..

If you’re under 26

Many passes are discounted for youth traveling second class.. To be eligible, you must be under 26 (according to your passport) the day you validate the pass in Europe.. Generally, children from 4 to 11 get passes for half the cost of the adult first class pass (kids under 4 travel free).. Ages vary a bit among different country passes..

☆ Eurail Passes ☆ Class consciousness ☆

Differences between first and second class

Normally, first class is configured with three plush seats per row (whether in a compartment or open-style seating) and second-class has four skinnier, basic seats in the same space.. Remember that nearly every train has both first and second class cars, each going at precisely the same speed!!

☆ Eurail Passes ☆ Class consciousness ☆

If you have the extra money, riding first class is less crowded and more comfortable.. First-class railpasses can be a good value, too.. While individual first class tickets cost 50% more than second class, first class railpasses generally bump your price up only 25% to 40%..

If you’re on a tight budget, second class is plenty comfortable and makes lots of sense.. And Back Door travelers know that the nuns and soldiers are partying in second class.. First class is filled with Eurail and Selectpass travelers age 26+ who had no choice, and business travelers who paid 50% extra in hopes that they wouldn’t have to sit with the likes of you and me..

Switching classes: Those with first-class passes may travel in second-class compartments (although the conductor may give you a puzzled look).. Those with second-class passes can pay the 50% difference in ticket price to upgrade to first (not possible in Britain)..

☆ Eurail Passes ☆ Class consciousness ☆

☆ Eurail Passes ☆ Class consciousness ☆

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  1. 10/06/2010 4:21

    First class really is worth it for the quiet, calm environment.

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