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☆ Panthéon ☆


☆ Panthéon ☆

Its dome dominates the Latin Quarter and gives its name to the similarly solemn square, at the centre of which it stands..

☆ Panthéon ☆The Pantheon, viewed from the Jardin de Luxembourg

☆ Panthéon ☆

This colossal civic temple worthily upholds the motto inscribed on its pediment that honours the nations great men.. An irony of history, this monument dedicated to Republican liturgies was commissioned by Louis XV in 1744 to honour Saint Genevieve..

☆ Panthéon ☆“Aux grands hommes, la patrie reconnaissante,” it says along the frieze..” To the great men, from their grateful nation”.

☆ Panthéon ☆

But with the Revolution underway, the scarcely finished basilica was transformed into a civic temple in 1791 and consecrated as the national Panthéon in 1885, at the funeral of Victor Hugo..


A synthesis of neoclassical and Gothic-style architecture, it also houses the tombs of Pierre and Marie Curie, Alexandre Dumas, Jean Jaurès, André Malraux, Jean Moulin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Voltaire..

☆ Panthéon ☆

☆ Panthéon ☆

☆ Panthéon ☆

☆ Panthéon ☆


Léon Foucault set up an experiment with a pendulum, under a cupola of the Panthéon, to prove the rotation of the Earth..

☆ Panthéon ☆

Place du Panthéon (5th).
M° Cardinal-Lemoine.
Tel: 01 44 32 18 00.
Summer: 10am-6.45pm.
Winter: 10am-5.15pm.
€7.50 – RR: €4.80.
Under 18s (accompanied by an adult) and 1st Sun of the month: free.

☆ Panthéon ☆

☆ Panthéon ☆

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