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☆ How Railpasses Work ☆

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☆ How Railpasses Work ☆


Some railpasses allow you to choose between a consecutive-day pass or flexipass.. Both types may also have a saverpass version..

Here’s a quick rundown on the terms:

The intense, spontaneous consecutive-day traveler.

If you plan to travel nearly daily and cover a lot of ground, a consecutive-day pass is the rightchoice for you.. You get unlimited train travel for the duration of the pass..

If you have a 15-day pass, you can travel 15 consecutive days, hopping on and off trains many times each day..

If you have a one-month pass, you can travel, for example, from April 26 through May 25.. One-month passes last longer when started in a 31-day month..

Eurail, Britrail, Scanrail, and Swiss passes offer this choice.

The relaxed, organized flexipass traveler.

If you like to linger for a few days at various places, a flexipass is the better choice.. You have a certain number of travel days to use within a longer “window” of time (for example, any 10 days within a 2-month period)..

You can sprinkle these travel days throughout your trip or use them all in a row.. You can take as many separate trips as you like within each travel day..

A travel day runs from midnight to midnight, but luckily, an overnight train or boat ride uses only one travel day..

The more-the-merrier saverpass travelers.

Designed to save money for groups, a Saverpass is a single ticket printed with all the names of two to five travelers..

Members of each pair or group must order the same pass together and all must be present to validate the pass in Europe.. Part of the group can use the pass while others stay in town or fly home early, but those sharing a pass cannot split and go different directions by train..

If you are a group of four, you can give yourselves more flexibility by ordering a separate pass for each pair..

On the website, add a pass for one pair to your shopping cart, then use the “Continue Shopping” button to add more passes to the same order..

By fax, simply indicate which people will travel together..

Some passes offer a “Twin” discount that works the same way, but with only two people listed on each pass..

☆ How Railpasses Work ☆

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