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☆ Mythical Paris ☆


☆ Mythical Paris ☆

There is no escaping the fascination of this legendary district, starting of course, with the smile of the Mona Lisa and the hieroglyphs at the place de la Concorde..

Then, at the Louvre, there is The Wedding Feast at Cana, The Winged Victory of Samothrace, discovered on the banks of the Aegean Sea and The Lacemaker by Vermeer..

☆ Mythical Paris ☆

There’s the Cour Carrée, the Grande Galerie, and the 175-metre colonnade – a brief history tour that continues up to the gates of the Elysée Palace..

There are also the voluted columns of the Grand and Petit Palais, the Seine from the railings of the Tuileries gardens, town houses in avenue Gabriel, fashion designers in avenue Montaigne, a few Picassos at the Orangerie..

☆ Mythical Paris ☆

Visitors will fall under the spell of the silky bedroom of Jeanne Lanvin at the Decorative Arts museum and the palace of the courtesan Païva, a few steps from the rond point des Champs-Élysées..

At the top of the avenue, the futuristic vessel-like Drugstore is quite impressive too..

The 1918 and Liberation parades, the cycles of the Tour de France, the tanks of the 14 July, the celebrations following the 1998 Football World Cup all contribute to the making of a myth!!

☆ Mythical Paris ☆

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