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☆ Work abroad: 12 Jobs That Keep you on the Road ☆



These jobs may not spark international careers, but at least you’ll be able to extend your travel time.

If you want to work your way around the world, there are plenty of not-so-serious gigs to keep you from going broke. Governments work with organizations like BUNAC ( and CCUSA ( to give out short-term work permits for their countries.

These countries include the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand. Just pay a small fee for the work visa, and you get a list of employers contact once you arrive.

Below is a list of ideas of work opportunities worldwide. You can do most of these jobs anywhere in the world. The toughest part is really making that initial step to go. But what do you have to lose? So go!

Bartender in Austria

Scuba Instructor in Morocco

Furniture Mover in South Africa

Volunteer in Peru

Hostel Help in London

Au Pair in Australia

Farmer in China

Get paid to party in Italy

English Teacher in South Korea

Camp Counselor in Russia

Online Tutor Worldwide

Compiled by Justin Jones and Eric  Tiettmeyer
Illustrated by Martin Wickström



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