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☆ Ten Inspirational Women Travelers ☆


☆ Ten Inspirational Women Travelers ☆

No, we likely wouldn’t publish a list of 10 inspirational male travelers. But men and women experience travel differently and face different obstacles in making travel a part of their lives, so let’s recognize a few women who have blazed the trail. Here, in no particular order, are 10 women—past and present—who have inspired others through their travels, whether by making the world a richer place, contributing to cross-cultural understanding, or simply pursuing their dreams.

1. Maureen Wheeler

2. Martha Gellhorn

3. Julia Child

4. Margaret Bourke-White

5. Annie Griffiths Belt

6. Melinda Gates

7. Gertrude Bell

8. Samantha Power

9. Naomi Duguid

10. Jo Rawlins Gilbert

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☆ Ten Inspirational Women Travelers ☆

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