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☆ Musée du Louvre – Parte I ☆


☆ Musée du Louvre ☆

The biggest museum in Paris, and home of the Mona Lisa, The Raft of the Medusa, and Venus de Milo was, first and foremost, the jewel in the crown of the kings, emperors and republics of France..

From the sombre late-12thcentury fortress to Peï’s glass pyramid, inaugurated in 1989, many have reigned here and practically everyone has left their mark – Renaissance, Classic, First and Second Empire, contemporary..

☆ Musée du Louvre ☆

The Louvre, a museum since 1793, houses collections of Western art from the Middle Ages to 1848, and collections of ancient oriental, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman civilisations which preceded and influenced them, as well as graphic arts and Islamic arts..

Hosting today one of the richest collection of paintings, sculptures, art in the world..

The museum, has three wings: Richelieu, Sully and Denon, each of them being accessible from the entrance under the Pyramid..

☆ Musée du Louvre ☆
Among the most important item, not to be missed when visiting Louvre, are:

Lower Ground Floor:

– Richelieu wing: Horses of Marly and Milo of Crotona (French sculptures), Pyxis o al-Mughira and Baptistery of Saint Louis (Arts of Islam)..
– Sully wing: Medieval Moat (Medieval Louvre)..
– Denon wing: Christ and Abbot Mena (Coptic Egypt), Cycladic Idol (Pre-classical Greece), Woman’s Portrait (Roman Egypt) and St. Mary Magdalene (Italian sculptures)..

Ground floor:
– Richelieu wing: Tomb of Philippe Pot (5th-18th French Sculptures), Code of Hammurabi (Mesopotamia)..
– Sully wing: Seated Statue of Ramses II (Pharaonic Egypt) and Venus de Milo (Greek Antiquities)..
– Denon wing: The Dying Slave and Psyche and Cupid (16th-19th Italian Sculptures) ..

1st floor:
– Richelieu wing: Napoleon III Apartments and Gnome with a Snail..
– Sully wing: Seated Scribe and Amenophis IV (Pharaonic Egypt)..
– Denon wing: The Winged Victory of Samothrace and Monalisa..

2nd floor:
– Richelieu wing: Rubens Room..
– Sully wing: The Turkish Bath (19th C French Paintings)..

The collection is impressive and it needs a lot of time to see it all..

Probably the best’s ways to see “all” Louvre is to visit a wing per day, or go several times, or  become very selective and go just in the “special ones”..

☆ Musée du Louvre ☆

Main entrance via the pyramid (1st).
M° Palais-Royal – Musée-du-Louvre.
Tel: 01 40 20 50 50.
Daily: 9am-6pm, except Tue and some public holidays.
Wed and Fri: late opening until 10pm.
€9 (from 1 July) – RR: €6 after 6pm.
Under 18s, Under 26s (Fri late opening) and 1st Sun of the month: free.
Napoléon hall exhibitions: €9.50 depending on the exhibition.
☆ Musée du Louvre ☆
☆ Musée du Louvre ☆
☆ Musée du Louvre ☆


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  1. 23/06/2009 18:23

    Beautiful pictures! I love the highlight that you had because we all know that there is no way anyone can see everything in one visit.

  2. ☆☆ Martinha ☆☆ permalink
    23/06/2009 22:44

    Thanks for the visit Amy..
    I hope that you enjoy the blog..

  3. 30/06/2009 22:38

    I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

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