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☆ Ten Great Things to Do With Kids in Paris ☆


1. The Cité des Enfants

This is hands-down our very favorite children’s museum in the world. Everything works and is smartly designed. Buy tickets ahead and make sure you plan around their pre-scheduled entrance, although if you arrive early, there’s always the fantastic Parc de la Villette just outside.

2. Parc de la Villette

This is a reclaimed industrial landscape turned into futuristic park. Most of the playful park structures were designed by Bernard Tschumi with a child’s imagination in mind.

3. Jardin d’Acclimatation

This childrens’ park was actually designed in the 19th century, and although it’s been updated with lots of cool rides and play equipment there’s still an air of old Paris about the place. (The jungle boat ride with it’s period depiction of natives sitting in the grass and pith-helmet wearing colonialists is particularly, er, historic.) One should definitely arrive on the “petit train” that leaves from the Porte Maillot, a narrow gauge choo-choo that chugs through the perimeter of the Bois de Boulonge before depositing you at the entrance. This place has it all: a zoo, a sprinkler park, huge expanses of park equipment for every age, and a boardwalk-like section of rides and junk food.

4. Paris Plage

“Plage” means beach, and in addition to truckloads of sand that are dumped along the banks of the Seine in an artsy effort to create an urban beach this late July and August festival includes food stands, bouncy houses, lots of concerts, and cool games. Another annual activity for parents of real small kids is chasing them down before they fling themselves into the river. You see lots of harried first time parents participating.

5. Ice-skating.

From December to March, the city sets up ice rinks at strategic locations around the city including in front of the Montparnasse tower and at Place de l’Hôtel de Ville (the square in front of City Hall). The latter has the advantage of being able to enjoy views of Notre Dame as well as a small luge run–both inspiring on a gray winter day.

6. Le Jardin des Plantes

Along the Seine in the 5th arrondissement, the Jardin des Plantes is a grand botanical garden in the middle of the city and a favorite spot for strolling. This is a good place to let the kids run and sniff flowers. There’s also a ménagerie (zoo) with some cool monkeys and an old school natural history museum with huge, dusty dinosaur bones and not a trace of the frenetic edutainment that goes on in so many museums these days. Here it’s just bones–tons and tons of them–all crowded into a majestic hall. You feel like you’ve stepped back into the 19th century. The kids are awestruck.

7. The Palais de la Découverte

The Palace of Discovery is the city’s second science museum and really oriented towards younger kids (under 12). It’s located in a beautiful 19th century building that is a leftover from the World’s Fair but is decked out with all the latest technology. The video of open-heart surgery is a highlight. Although everything’s in French, the topics and presentations transcend language.

8. Tuilleries Garden

Not only is this central and a great place to exhale after visiting the Louvre, but it’s a great place for kids. We love the fountain in the middle where you can rent a model sailboat. Also, in the summer time they set up a carnival with a ferris wheel, that gives the best views of Paris outside of the Pompidou’s rooftop bar.

9. Jardin du Luxembourg

The southwest corner of this Renaissance garden is devoted to kids, including acres of slides and swings. It costs 1,50 Euro to enter and espresso is another euro; but sitting in the shade of century-old plane trees while the kids run themselves ragged… priceless. There’s even a hundred-year-old puppet theater run by a crotchety old man. And, of course, the famous carousel.

10. Context Paris’ Family Program

And finally, to merge the fun and the educational, don’t forget our walks of Gothic Paris, the Louvre for kids, and Montmartre. We even run an excursion to Giverny with a plein-air (open air) painting lesson for kids.


☆ Ten Great Things to Do With Kids in Paris ☆

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