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☆ 10 Steps to Becoming Fluent in a Language in 6 months or Less ☆

20080418-FeliciaPhoto by Felicia Wong
Even if you don’t feel linguistically-inclined, it’s possible–with patience, diligence, and a sense of humor—to become fluent in a language in six months or less.

1. Immerse yourself

2. Forget translating: think like a baby!

3. How do you say?

4. Write it

5. Use cognates and draw links

6. Local TV, movies, music

7. Non-verbal cues

8. Get emotional!

9. A world of friends / then going solo.

10. Practice at every opportunity before and after you travel.

Read about each step here:   mataabroad

About the Author

Felicia Wong recently left a diplomatic career to be with her fiancé, travel photographer Robert Paetz. They are currently traveling through South America but split their time between California and Singapore.

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  1. 07/07/2009 14:46

    Similar to a list I wrote sometime ago:

    I’d also recommend and to for free lessons online.

  2. 14/07/2009 19:12

    Acho que só estando no país para conseguir uma fluencia em 6 meses 🙂

  3. 17/07/2009 12:48

    Thanks for the advice. I was actually planning to learn French, in order to go in France to college, so your post was very helpful for me.

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